The Doodle with the Noodle

Sammie the Doodle

We are excited to announce our project:

Sammie's Bundles of Hope!

This project was born out of the realization that many children are in need of resources for coping with anxiety, trauma and/or PTSD symptoms.

We have started collecting items for our Sammie's Bundles of Hope . . . with the intention of dispersing a bag filled with "trinkets of hope" to each child Sammie works with in a Therapy Dog role.

We had a beautiful friend donate 150 draw string backpacks to start us out. We have collected stress balls, calming rocks, coloring books, markers, crayons, stickers and more! We feel blessed to know so many generous donors. 

To donate any items (see Wish List), please contact us at Thank you!

 Donation items wish list:

  • Zen coloring books (such as Color Me Calm)
  • Gel pens
  • Fidget spinners
  • Stress balls or similar squeezables
  • Play dough or non-toxic clay
  • Books
  • Noise makers
  • Snow globes or similar water/glitter tubes
  • Kaleidescopes
  • Calming cards
  • Stuffed animals with inspirational words such as "hope", "love", "believe", etc. on them
  • Any other calming tools proven to be beneficial to children with anxiety
  • Bubbles

And for fun:

  • Sunglasses
  • Coupons for free ice cream cone, etc.
  • ​Balls, Frisbees, etc.
  • Any other fun items (feel free to include your company logo on it if you are a company!)